Class X: An Interactive Lecture Viewing System: Sherif Halawa, Stanford
ClassX is a platform that applies and connects multiple multimedia technologies to provide a learning management system with novel features targeting students and teachers. Instead of the typical human-operated lecture capture model, the system allows lecture video to be captured using a static consumer-grade HD camera, significantly reducing the cost. The video player allows the viewer to select his/her region of interest by panning/zooming in the video. An automatic lecturer tracking algorithm also provides automatic view selection. The system also provides an automatic slide synchronization algorithm that automatically aligns a set of electronic slides with the video. The system uses text from the slides to automatically annotate the video. The client data recorder in the video player records the student's pans, zooms, and seeks, and the system combines these with annotations to generate useful analytics. We will present the different features of ClassX and our ongoing efforts to generate analytics from user data.

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