Cybersecurity Training for the End User -- A Journey of Lessons Learned: Chris Gaucher, NPS • Terry Welliver, NPS • Simon Mc Laren, NPS
The Department of Defense and the US Navy require over 5 hours of on-line Cybersecurity and Privacy Training annually. This training is consistently outdated and requires limited interaction by the user. With the ever changing and growing threat environment, the NPS Cybersecurity team found little value in this training. In order to address this issue, the team developed a live .All Hands Cybersecurity and Privacy. training event to provide both an interactive opportunity to learn and a means for the Cybersecurity team to communicate and share the latest threats relevant to the operational environment at the School. In this session, the attendee will learn:
  • How to communicate to Senior Leadership the need for such a training event.
  • What threats are most relevant to the end user and how to present that information.
  • The best locations and times to hold the training.
  • How to register users quickly and seamlessly.

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