Leveraging your Network for Digital Video Production, Distribution, and Archive: Jeff Weekley, NPS
There is an ever-increasing demand for video application in education, especially for Distance Learning. The availability of inexpensive and ubiquitous content creation tools means that anyone can record, edit and publish content; all the work happens on a laptop, or even a smart phone. Out of necessity, NPS uses its internal and external networks to do many of the things that only large media organizations were able to do in the past: create content collaboratively, share storage and rendering resources, publish for internal and external users, and scale to support users and consumers in diverse locations and situations. In this talk, we will explain our network-enabled architecture for collaborative content creation; share our strategies for rendering, distribution, and storage; as well as discuss how we.ve federated with other institutions to solve the vexing problem of long-term digital preservation for content archives. We examine how the very high-quality of service network can replace expensive Fibre Channel infrastructures and how you can use blogs, wikis and streaming media in support of your digital media strategy. In short, we.ll show you how to be a savvy digital video expert, without spending like a Hollywood mogul.

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