Lighting the Darkness of Disaster: Eric Frost, SDSU
Using global fiber for international disaster response based on real responses and major disaster exercises like x24 Mexico ( that will have just occurred (Feb., 2012) and similar to x24 Europe that involved 92 countries and 49,000 collaborating in two days including using major satellite imagery, GIS, Social Media, and global web services as the medium of collaboration. How major imagery can be moved around the world via fiber including as web services from Calit2 and SDSC (including Flash Gordon) to provide insight for disaster relief. Discussion will include how this can be done in situations such as; Thailand flooding, continuing cholera difficulties in Haiti, relief efforts with Vietnam and China and Australia. Doing rapid processing in San Diego using imagery that is brought down to earth from satellites at several NASA sites like Goddard and JPL, rapid processing and GIS of information on top of maps and images, then sending out in variety of ways as web services including as hybrid solutions where part of the mashup is local to the disaster and then sending things like dots on top of the imagery.

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