The UC's Mobile Web Framework Strategy: Engage, Empower, and Mobile Enable: Mojgan Amini, UC San Diego • Rose Rocchio, UCLA • Richard Trott, UCSF • Tom Tsai, UC Berkeley
The UC system and beyond are collaborating on the Mobile Web Framework (MWF) initiative which was initially built at UCLA. The MWF is a resource that enables an institution to deploy a single Mobile presence without having to centralize campus data stakeholders. The goal of the MWF is to allow distributed application developers to build mobile applications in a quick, consistent and high quality manner. The MWF accomplishes this goal by providing styling and scripts that take advantage of devicespecific features for the vast majority of devices. The framework itself is a library of CSS, Javascript & images. By providing markup standards, CSS definitions, and Javascript functions, the framework allows a developer to write a single set of markup that works on all devices that qualify under the framework's minimum standard while still taking advantage of device specific features when available. This panel will introduce the MWF initiative and discuss how four of the UC campuses have collaborated on the MWF and implemented it in their own campus IT environments. The panel will further focus on how each has engaged, empowered and mobile enabled their institution's central, distributed, research focused and even student application developers.

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